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Have you
felt the shift
in business

We have. For a while.
To be fair, this one could hardly go unnoticed.
This is the kind of wave that takes everything in its path unless it is embraced, championed and acted upon as a business imperative. Collaboration is woven into our culture. Almost logically, we welcomed it as the purpose that drives everything we do.

Our mission is to spark
collaboration within and
across the enterprise.

Wezard mission
Key players of strategic relationships need a unique set of skills and tools to architect cooperative ecosystems that deliver greater convergence, exponential value and meaningful innovation. Our purpose is to inspire and mold collaborative minds into partnership builders.

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Why Wezard?

Why Wezard?

Because it is time. Time to rethink business collaboration. Time to shift from value extracting to value building. Time to leverage the sum of the parts. Time to focus on outcomes rather than transactions. Time to connect organizational silos. Time to build outstanding business relationships designed to succeed. Time to make time for change.

Wezard was built upon the idea that magic happens when people gather in the same room and make the conscious decision to craft something valuable and meaningful together.

Time to unleash the magic of collaboration.

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We seek to drive strategic convergence beyond functional boundaries.


About the

Emmanuel Cambresy

From holding strategic sourcing positions across many industries (consumer products, healthcare and life sciences, automotive, telecommunications and management consulting) to launching his own consulting practice in 2017, Emmanuel has been on a journey to enable business collaboration for nearly 20 years.

As the natural first step towards human creativity, collaboration is a powerful amplifier for people engagement and business transformation. Emmanuel is on a mission to help buying & selling organizations architect outstanding partnerships, explore uncharted opportunities and deliver enterprise-wide outcomes.

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