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Strategic partnerships are sophisticated forms of alliances driven by their own dynamics, principles and social norms. Today's organizations understand the need to implement relational practices that support their collaborative efforts. At Wezard, we are committed to help them achieve this through the build of purposeful and inclusive ecosystems that last.
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 Wezard Expertise - Mindset And Behaviors

Mindset & Behaviors

Collaboration happens in a safe environment where people are heard, opinions considered and contributions recognized. Successful partnerships flourish best if nurtured with the right blend of values, principles and behaviors.

We help our clients and their business partners establish a solid foundation of trust, transparency and compatibility for their relationship. With the adoption and diffusion of the right mindset, the foundation is laid for a collaborative climate that supports open, constructive and sustained progress.

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Vision & Outcomes

As much as people need purpose, great partnerships find inspiration in compelling visions and desired outcomes that vividly spell out what the future looks like for all parties. With a clear raison d'être for the relationship and directions for joint planning, aligned partners can focus on how to drive the relationship forward.

Our role is not only to help organizations expand what success really means, but also about driving focus and consistency. Maintaining engagement between people & functions. And most importantly, preventing strategic drift.

 Wezard Expertise - Vision & Outcomes
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 Wezard Expertise - Joint Governance

Joint Governance

At the heart of every partnership lies strategic alignment, powered by a hands-on process that positions human beings as the main engine of the whole relationship ecosystem. This process is called ‘relationship governance’.

Beyond static org charts, vertical hierarchies and functional silos, we support business partners in implementing sound relationship management that shapes the way people interact, report, communicate, resolve and decide with shared interests in mind.

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Partnership Performance

Irrelevant dashboards, poor follow-up, unclear indicators, excessive measures, lack of ownership and blame gaming... These are common symptoms of a misaligned performance framework that might neither reflect both parties' contribution, nor their understanding of what should be achieved.

We work to bring clarity and transparency to the practice of driving, monitoring and acknowledging success in strategic relationships. And we support all parties in the build of meaningful performance programs derived from outcomes that truly matter.

 Wezard Expertise - Partnership Performance
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 Wezard Expertise - Innovation & Co-Creation

Innovation & Co-Creation

Innovation is not just about creating a space where ideas flow. It is also about ensuring that business cases get the green light, plans are set in motion, projects executed, change implemented and results recognized.

When two unique organizations and corporate cultures are involved, the effective coordination of joint transformation efforts is paramount, from ideation to delivery. This is what Wezard strives to achieve with both partners, by boosting their combined creative capabilities and structuring the chaotic start of innovation & co-creation.

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Value Design

High on corporate agendas are 'stakeholder value', 'user experience' and 'customer solutions'. A lot has been talked about 'value beyond savings'... or 'price'... or even 'contract'.

At Wezard, we take pride in partnering with organizations who are as passionate as we are about the discovery, activation and recognition of new and uncharted sources of value.

We believe this is possibly the most essential first step in building purpose and relevance.

 Wezard Expertise - Value Design
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 Wezard Expertise - Integrative Negotiation

Integrative Negotiation

Unlike conventional power tactics, interest-based negotiations go way beyond leveraging lower prices and short-term revenue opportunities. In fact, collaborative exchanges are less about dividing up the pie than growing it exponentially. In this context, consensus can only be reached by considering the greater good of the partnership.

Through the identification of opportunities for mutual gains, we aim at shifting the negotiation paradigm from competitive to cooperative. Our contribution is focused on helping business partners 'Negotiate as We' based on fair and balanced exchanges.

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Relational Contracting

In contrast with transactional deals, relational contracts require a balanced and thorough look at the complex correlations that exist between risks and rewards across all facets of a partnership.

Wezard specializes in the creation, negotiation and implementation of preferred, performance-based and outcome-based agreements designed to support highly collaborative relationships. Typically, our clients' journey starts with the identification of the most appropriate relational & economic models to support both parties' intents.

 Wezard Expertise - Relational Contracting
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 Wezard Expertise - Collaborative Capabilities

Collaborative Capabilities

Collaborative skills and talents are key to the success for today's business. Not only do they contribute to more engaged teams and a happier workplace, but also become critical for those owners of strategic business relationships.

Unique abilities are required to master the practice of business relationships and their creative, behavioral and economic synergies. Is your team ready and truly equipped to partner? What are your incentives for cooperation? Overall, how would you rate your organization's collaborative capabilities?

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Let's bring your business relationships to life.