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By joining forces with experts from business, education and professional organizations, we bring a wealth of experience to our clients, spanning diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Our partners help us challenge our thinking and get better at what we do. Our ambition is to work with the brightest, who share our vision and values wholeheartedly.

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The FORTH Innovation method is designed to double the effectiveness of the innovation process. Recent scientific research of the Open University among FORTH users proves that out of 100 ideas, 78 are taken into development and 51 are introduced, compared to 21 in an average stage-gated process. FORTH Innovation has been implemented by a number of organizations worldwide. Both in the profit sector, like 3M (USA), Averda (Middle East), Schattdecor (Germany) and Eska (Netherlands) as in the non-profit sector, like UNHCR (Kenya), SENAI/SESI (Brazil) and healthcare organizations (Netherlands), FORTH has generated innovative new products, services and business models.
Vested Outsourcing is an educational firm that is affiliated with the University of Tennessee, with the goal to increase the awareness, adoption and training around the Vested business model and its methods. Vested is used to support various business needs (including BPO, facilities management and third-party logistics) by some of the largest companies in the world such as Intel, McDonalds, Procter & Gamble, Dell, Wipro, Accenture, Novartis and Microsoft. As part of its adoption strategy, Vested Outsourcing has created an ecosystem where each Center of Excellence commits to the development of collaborative relationships that enable sustainable results never thought possible.
In today’s fast-paced economy, small and medium business owners are facing unique challenges. Rather than being a source of stress, Legal should be focused on supporting business success and meeting the changing needs of people, functions and organizations. Podlegal makes legal services easy, accessible and reliable for all entrepreneurs. Through proactive coaching and improved predictability, Podlegal’s purpose is to nurture relationships in which entrepreneurs find room to share, confide and build something meaningful together. And maximize opportunities for all parties to deliver shared business outcomes. Law as enabler, lawyers as partners.
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Let's spark some collaborative magic together.